Spec Flywheel And Clutch Kit For F40 (UPGRADED STYLE)

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Spec Flywheel And Clutch Kit For F40 (UPGRADED STYLE)
Product Details
These kits are purpose built and utilize the SPEC non-self ratcheting pressure plate, deviating completely from the OE design. These units offer superior clamp load, pedal feel, shift quality and reliability to the modified OE units made for the original flywheel. These units also feature a no-wear diaphragm configuration that utilizes a billet ring to contact the release bearing.

Kit Contents:

Billet Flywheel (Aluminum or Steel)
Pressure Plate
Friction Disc

Torque Capacity:

Stage 1    323 ft/lbs
Stage 2    367 ft/lbs
Stage 2+  411 ft/lbs
Stage 3    437 ft/lbs
Stage 3+  506 ft/lbs
Stage 4    437 ft/lbs
Stage 5    612 ft/lbs

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